Salt & Pepper (2pc.)
Dark Grey

Alma Gémea


  • Salt & Pepper (2pc.) <br> Dark Grey
  • Salt & Pepper (2pc.) <br> Dark Grey
  • Salt & Pepper (2pc.) <br> Dark Grey

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Salt & Pepper set with cork layer and dark grey ceramic on top. 
Shapes inspired by the traditional pottery of Alentejo, Portugal.

Brand: Alma Gémea | Design: Raquel Castro

Dimensions: 5.3 x 9.8 cms

Cork has been long used as a stopper, mostly for wine, but in ancient Egypt and Greece it was already used to seal large ceramic jars to store not only wine but also olive oil. Dressing embodies this long tradition, by means of an oil & vinegar cruet, salt & pepper shaker and salad bowl: the full set for a proper Mediterranean salad.

     REF. DR102 - DARK GREY

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